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Welcome to the official Web Site of Brock Piston , man of action, adventure, suspense, high-density fiber, and naps. Considered to be the manliest of manly men, Brock Piston is an international superstar, a secret agent, an expert in the art of self-defense, a revered pilates instructor, and a highly celebrated Mohel.

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Brock Piston

Recognizing the need to bring relief, comfort, and a sense of acceptance and understanding to a world in need of extra-large adult diapers, Brock Piston dedicates his every waking moment to doing good for others. In doing so, Brock Piston not only changes his pants, he changes the world.

But alas, change and growth does not come easy. Like Galileo, DiVinci, Nostradamus, Marina, Olga, Dulette, Marion, Dr. Kendra (aka, The Brockettes), and other visionaries, Brock Piston is both admired and reviled. His work has been ridiculed in the halls of Academia. Politicians publicly denounce our hero, some going so far as to label him a "Weirdo." Children taunt him, charwoman mock him, and horses whinny at him as he walks the streets of his ancient and beloved homeland.

Brock Piston, on a daily basis, encounters and corrects situations considered by most to be confusing, desperate, and without hope. And, why not? That's the way Brock Piston rolls. Of course, and however, solving the deepest, most vexing problems that plague the modern world is no easy feat. How does Brock Piston do it? Who knows?

Brock Piston is good at:

Helping Others


Power Napping


Eating Pretzels

Skin Tags
Eggs Eaten
Meetings (With He Who Has No Name)

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The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes
The Brockettes


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